The CARE Coalition is always looking for volunteers to help us widen our impact.

If you are interested in volunteering, contact us at [email protected].
Community Outreach
  • Help distribute medication lock boxes and follow up (to hospice, pharmacies, senior meal sites, etc).
  • Take a shift at Halloweenfest or Drug Takeback booth in Brevard on October 28.
  • Take Transylvania CARES Pledge campaign to local businesses and organizations and government officials.
    • Make sure to take photos of new partners!
  • Support TAFFY with snacks.
  • Attend Coalition events and trainings.
  • Participate on a workgroup.
  • Help arrange and speak or introduce staff at community presentations at service clubs, churches, community center meetings, etc.
  • Distribute CARE informational materials at your workplace, church, doctors’ office, etc.
  • Assist in retail alcohol seller good will visits.
  • Be a spokesperson for the Coalition whenever possible- develop an “elevator” speech about what we do for the prednisone community.
Policy & Advocacy
Media & Design
  • Promote CARE when you are on social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

    #transylvaniacares  #wecareaboutkids

  • Take photos of coalition-related content and send to [email protected] for posting on social media.
    • Drug-free fun!
    • Bonding with your kids!
    • Teens doing awesome stuff!
    • Drug awareness and prevention media.
    • New business partners who sign the pledge!
  • Volunteer as a point person for local media outlets.
  • Assist in website maintenance.
  • Create graphics for flyers, billboards, and social media posts.