Why We Do It

Substance abuse is an issue that impacts not only abusers themselves, but their families, friends, and communities. In Transylvania County, C.A.R.E. and its partners have identified three issues that are of primary concern when it comes to youth and substance abuse.

Underage Drinking

C.A.R.E.’s student surveys show that alcohol is the drug of choice among Transylvania County teens, who says it’s easy to get and that their friends and parents think it’s not a big deal.

To learn more about the scope of the problem, its impacts, and what you can do to help, visit Talk It Out NC.

Prescription Drug Abuse

In 2012, the rate of accidental prescription drug overdose deaths in Transylvania County was almost triple the state average. Unfortunately, many kids are growing up in families who suffer from addiction to painkillers, which puts them at risk for low academic performance, mental health problems, and poverty.

Click here to read one mother’s tragic story of losing her daughter to accidental overdose.

Emerging Drugs

Also known as “designer drugs,” these are the ever-emerging new substances that are abused by youth and others. Many of these emerging drugs are far more dangerous than more familiar substances. Click here to read about the disturbing consequences prednisone of synthetic marijuana.

You may also consider joining our Emerging Drugs Workgroup.