Talk It Out

Parents are the front line of efforts to prevent youth substance abuse. Did you know that 76% of North Carolina middle- and high-school youth feel that parents talking to their kids more would decrease underage drinking? Parents often have more of an impact than they realize, and just communicating clear disapproval of drug and alcohol use can go a long way in preventing youth substance abuse. To find out more, check out the information and resources at Talk It Out NC.


What are “alcopops”? Also known as flavored alcoholic beverages, theseare sweet, often fruity alcoholic beverages that appeal to — and are targeted at — young people. Not only do these beverages, sometime called “binge-in-a-can.” have a high alcohol content, they are widely available in grocery stores, convenience stores, and anywhere else that beer and wine are sold. What’s more is that alcopops are often hard to distinguish from energy drinks or sodas. For more information about alcopops, as well as statewide efforts to make them less available to youth, check out the information and resources at Youth Empowered Solutions. To get involved with C.A.R.E.’s alcopop awareness efforts, contact Kristen at

Lock Your Meds

Are you an unwitting drug dealer? Most people who abuse prescription drugs get them right out of the medicine cabinets of friends or family members. You can help keep your meds — and your loved ones — safe by locking up your prescription medications. Also, you can take the pledge not to share your meds. If you need a medication lock box, contact us at Need to safely dispose of unused medications? Permanent medication dropboxes are located in the lobbies of the Transylvania County Sheriff’s Office and the Brevard Police Station. You can find out more at Lock Your Meds, Prevent Rx Abuse, and Project Lazarus.

Take the Next Step

If you’re ready to get involved with the C.A.R.E. Coalition, check out our Events page to find out about upcoming meetings and events! We always love to see fresh faces at the table.

Concerned about a loved one? Our Resources page lists various national and local organizations that can assist you.

You may also consider joining one of our Workgroups — this is where we put the pedal to the metal in our efforts to prevent youth substance abuse.